This blog was a long summer project, and I'm proud to say I've finished it ahead of schedule. I look forward to getting back to my regular life and art making. There will be more updates to this blog, as I receive more interviews and feedback from the artists - check my social media for changes. There are also still a few podcasts I want to listen to, and mine for more nuggets of wisdom, plus I'll probably keep revising and fixing what I've written here for the the rest of my life - till it's good enough. But, still, I can say it's done, and I'm very excited to move on. 

Thank you to all the artists who gave me permission to show your work, and who cooperated in this endeavor. 100 artists isn't nearly enough to represent all the contributions women have made to the history of art. Perhaps in another ten years I'll expand it to 200? which still doesn't scratch the surface. Until then, I hope you enjoy this blog as a valuable resource for artists who are not simply great, but historically significant and worthy of study for generations. I'm writing this final post here as a way to present the artists in order, one last time. Take a look and see how they compare with that 'Point of Reference' link I posted up at the top right of this blog. I'm curious if anyone can really say which is better:

1. Käthe Kollwitz


2. Alyssa Monks


3. Margaret Bowland

'Another Thorny Crown 5'

4. Julia Ciccarone


5. Jeffrey Catherine Jones

6. Anna Wypych

'The Vestals – protectors of inner fire'

7. S. Heather Theurer 'Tinney' Edwards

'Crimson Ribbon'

8. Katie O'Hagan


9. Katia Bourdarel

'Les Eaux Dormantes #1'

10. Julie Dillon

'Planetary Alignment'

11. Rowena Morrill

Portrait of Sci-Fi Author Isaac Asimov

12. Eleanor Fortesque-Brickdale

'Mary for All Generations'

13. Rose Frantzen

'Mrs. Zimmerman'

14. Teresa Oaxaca

'Girl in Pink' a self-portrait

15. Terry Strickland

'Love is an Action'

16. Andrea Kowch

'In the Distance'

17. Ann Marshall


18. Lucy Kemp-Welch

'Mixed Company'

19. Jana Schirmer

'Master Class Demo'

20. Kristy Gordon

21. Lady Butler

'Roll Call, Crimea'

22. Marina Bychkova

'The Princess & the Pea'

23. Vanessa Lemen

'Holding on, Letting Go'

24. Amy Lind

'Jolly Joker & Gentle Giant'

25. Sharon Sprung

'Wind & Water'

26. Marina Dieul

'Bacchante III'

27. Elisa Anfuso

'Potrebbe volare ma non vola. Potrebbe cadere ma non cade',

28. Julie Beck

'Are We Men, Or Are We Comets?'

29. Luisa Roldan

30. Katherine Stone

'Huntsman & Herdsman'

31. Linda Adair

'Doorway to Adventure'

32. Elin Danielson-Gambogi

'After Breakfast'

33. Laura Sanders

'Late Summer'

34. Elizabeth Nourse

'In The Church at Volendam'

35. Alma Erdmann

'The Letter'

36. Candice Bohannon

'Fire Cloud'

37. Isabel Codrington

'Old Tramp'

38. Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema

'World of Dreams'

39. Asta Nørregaard

'L'Atelier, Paris'

40. Heather Horton

'Mia Millennium Trail'

41. Risa Iseda

'To the Outside of the Dream'

42. Anne Leone

'Cenote Azul #25'

43. Jennifer Nehrbass

'Personal Waterloo'

44. Amanda Greive


45. Danielle Richard

'Ici a jamais (Here Forever)'

46. Beth Cavener

'The Question That Devours'

47. Carole Feuerman

'Next Summer'

48. Cindy Procious

'Time for Magical Maneuvering'

49. Harriet Backer


50. Teresa Brutcher

'Cuerda Floja (Tightrope)'

51. Sayda Afonina

'Mysterious Garden'

52. Sheri Farabaugh

'Testing the Waters'

53. Chelsea Gibson

'Simone, Mia, & Kittens'

54. Jane Fisher

'She Fell'

55. Julie Rotblatt-Amrany

56. Dame Laura Knight

'Fine Feathers'

57. Ellen Emmet Rand

'In the Studio'

58. Cecilia Beaux

'Portrait of a Little Girl'

59. Lynn Davison

'Party Time'

60. Margaret Isabel Dicksee

'Handel as a Child, Discovered by His Parents'

61. Ilene Meyer

62. Nancy Boren

'Cimarron Solstice'

63. Karen Ann Myers

'Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt II'

64. Anna Bilinska-Bohdanowicz

'Self-Portrait with Apron & Brushes'

65. Zinaida Serebryakova

'Self-Portrait at the Dressing Table'

66. Maria Bashkirtseff

'Atelier Julian'

67. Zaha Hadid

The Phæno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany (2000-05)

68. Harriet Hosmer

'Sleeping Faun'

69. Susan Lyon

'Maria with Flowers'

70. Anna Ancher


71. Anita Kunz

72. Tamara de Lempicka

'Portrait of Ira'

73. Mary Edmonia Lewis

'Forever Free'

74. Kate Elizabeth Bunce


75. Shin-Young An

'The US Citizen'

76. Alexandra Tyng


77. Jennifer Gennari

'Girl with Glass Bowl'

78. Pamela Wilson


79. Annie Murphy-Robinson

80. Mary Whyte

'Dream of the Ancestors'

81. Dale Kennington

'A Crow Named Jim' 

82. Ivana Kobilca

'Slovenia Bows to Ljubljana'

83. Jeanna Bauck

'The Artist's Sister'

84. Anne-Marie Kornachuk

'Weightless: Bloom 2'

85. Catherine Prescott

'Grace At Home'

86. Linda Lee Nelson

'Daniel & Toby'

87. Tina Spratt

'Lazy Afternoon'

88. Kate Lehman

'Artist Eddie Rochat'

89. Nancy Guzik

'Making of the Quilt'

90. Sara Sniderhan

'By Studio Light'

91. Olga Krimon


92. Sally Lancaster


93. Mary Sauer

'Andrea with Hoops'

94. Anwen Keeling

'Tell Me II'

95. Adrienne Stein


96. Dana Hawk


97. Natasha Milashevich

98. Sacha Lees


99. Yuko Shimizu


100. Soey Milk


1st Honorable Mention: Dina Babbitt

2nd Honorable Mention: Estelle Ishigo

'Gathering coal at Heart Mountain Relocation Camp'


  1. Wonderful list! Inspiring! I would add Artemisia Gentileschi, Mary Cassatt, Mary Minifie, Grace DeVito, and Shana Levenson.

    1. Thank you - all those artists are in the running for when I expand this to top 200 artists. I'm hoping to do that 10 years from now :)


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