90 Sara Sniderhan

Sara Sniderhan is a wonderful portrait painter from Creemore, Canada. She is a master of mood and setting. In this interview with Ian Adams (Simcoe, 2019), she explains that she aims to create paintings that "hit an emotional string." She says, "I like the challenge of trying to talk about the interior world while showing the exterior." Studying under Michael John Angel and Jeremy Lipking, Sara has won awards from the Portrait Society of America. Her work is in many permanent collections, and she has taught drawing and painting at the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto. Sara has agreed to answer some of my questions about her work, so stay tuned for an exclusive interview here.

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'Algonquin Bride'

'By the Studio Light'

'...Get back home'

'Avoiding Disaster'


'A Room of Her Own'



'Between Darkness & Light'

'The Weight & Worth of This Love'

'Wednesday Afternoon'

'The Editor'

'Don't Go'

'Golden Slumbers'

'Mama Bear'


'Police Parade Boots'