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 This blog was a long summer project, and I'm proud to say I've finished it ahead of schedule. I look forward to getting back to my regular life and art making. There will be more updates to this blog, as I receive more interviews and feedback from the artists - check my social media for changes. There are also still a few podcasts I want to listen to, and mine for more nuggets of wisdom, plus I'll probably keep revising and fixing what I've written here for the the rest of my life - till it's good enough. But, still, I can say it's done, and I'm very excited to move on.  Thank you to all the artists who gave me permission to show your work, and who cooperated in this endeavor. 100 artists isn't nearly enough to represent all the contributions women have made to the history of art. Perhaps in another ten years I'll expand it to 200? which still doesn't scratch the surface. Until then, I hope you enjoy this blog as a valuable resource for artists

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